Welcome to Moondog Treasures: yoga jewelry for women and men, mala bracelets, Sanskrit mantra necklaces, and wire-wrapped beaded crosses. I'm a yoga teacher, and these are my creations. On this blog you can read the story behind the jewelry. You'll also get to meet other talented Etsy artists whose work I admire. Contact me at moondogtreasures@live.com.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Etsy Artist of the Week

Today's artist is NuyoricanGreetings. Her votive holders are beautiful and her pictures are great. Lots of deep fall colors! Click on the pic below to visit her etsy store.

From the artist:

I'm a Nuyorican born and raised and I've always longed to have my own business. I've been creative since I can remember which is of course why I ended up on Wall St. for 20 years! (insert laugh here).

I began creating written 'books of intention' that included creative writing and imagery as holiday gifts a few years ago. This evolved into poetry, greeting card and inspirational writing and the decorative votives I have begun listing here. I particularly like using Saints because they remind me of my mother and grandmother's in-home altars :-) - but I also use angels and flowers and pretty much any image that catches my fancy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Etsy Artist of the Week

Sojourn Curiosities. I can't believe after almost a year on etsy.com that I have not featured this wonderful seller. I talk w/ her all the time on etsy chat and she always has such great advice. Look at this beautiful pendant she has created. Truly talented person!! (click on the pic to visit her store)

From the artist:

There have been two main intrigues in my life, for as long as I can remember: the myriad journeys of existence- of the mind, body and spirit- and using words to describe them. I convey these musings in beautiful beads, ribbons, wire and found objects.

My pieces are accompanied by a name, a story, a snippet of what inspired me to create the piece, or what the piece inspires within me. This is my journey, with many a sojourn. Thanks for coming along.