Welcome to Moondog Treasures: yoga jewelry for women and men, mala bracelets, Sanskrit mantra necklaces, and wire-wrapped beaded crosses. I'm a yoga teacher, and these are my creations. On this blog you can read the story behind the jewelry. You'll also get to meet other talented Etsy artists whose work I admire. Contact me at moondogtreasures@live.com.

Monday, January 26, 2009

From my shop...

Just posted this today at moondogtreasures. Shanti Peace Soldered Pendant on Chain:

shanti is the sanskrit word for peace. this soldered glass pendant contains the word "shanti" on one side and its equivalent in sanskrit on the other in crisp black and white. a beautiful tribute to the concept of peace.the images are secured between two hand-cut pieces of glass that are then soldered together with lead free silver solder. the pendant is securely sealed but it is not waterproof. the pendant dangles on a silver ball link chain with adjustable lobster clasp closure.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Week

BeachHouseBlues is this week's Etsy artist. One of my favorite books is Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. This photo of the Nautilus reminds me of one of the chapters in that book about how we are all multi-faceted beings shedding our various layers as the creature inside the nautilus does when it grows too big for its shell. I'm fortunate to be able to revisit the coast of California soon for more yoga teacher training. I'm looking forward to experiencing a connection with the ocean.

From the artist:
Beach House Blues represents a state of mind. Quite simply it’s about beauty and nature and how they impact our lives in both simple and extraordinary ways. Beach House Blues is about a life full of great friends, wonderful conversation and dinner parties that last throughout the night. It’s about remembering those special moments in our lives that we wish would go on forever and creating a space where new memories will be made. It’s about surrounding ourselves with things that we love.
Archival photograph of a nautilus shell printed on a beautiful fiber paper. Black background. The image is 4 x 4, the print is 6 x 6.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Had to Share

I just came across this artist's beautiful mandalas on Etsy and I have to share some! From EyePopArt:

From the artist:

Mandala Magnets are here! I found a bunch of round magnets at SCRAP, a program here in Portland, Oregon that diverts tons of materials from being thrown into the landfill by reselling them to the public. Somehow or other they got ahold of these "I Support Green Power" magnets from Utah Power (which you can see in the last photo). I bought 'em up, because I love circles...Circle, of course is what the Sanskrit word "mandala" means, and mandalas are my middle name! So I printed stickers of my mandala designs and put them on the magnets to create cool new upcycled love!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Today!

Here is the latest from moondogtreasures: Texas Star

a bright shimmering star adorns a colorful strand of chipped stones. strand features black, turquoise, red and pink howlite and jasper stones mixed with silver plate rectangular beads. the focal point of this piece is the large circular pendant of a silver star surrounded by diamond-studded rhinestones.necklace closes with an elegant silver toned toggle clasp.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Beauty and Simplicity of Winter

This is a kirigami snowflake made by my daughter. It hangs in my office window. Just thought I'd share.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Week

Okay, I've never seen these used in this way before! From PrairieBoutique's etsy store, custom wedding pockets. Remember these?

From the artist:
These are sure to bring back child-hood memories! Fortune tellers were a lot of fun when I was a child, and with an elegant twist are tranformed into wedding favors.Wedding Pockets are custom made in your choice of font and paper (please inquire about choices).
There are many fun possibilities:~ display them as favors for wedding guests, it's a great way to break the ice and pass time while waiting for supper.~ guests must correctly answer a question on their Wedding Pocket to get the bride and groom to kiss!
You choose the questions and/or fun facts and I custom make them for your special day!All wedding pockets will be folded and assembled and ready for display.

SPECIAL DEAL!!! **For selecting me to be featured on your blog, I would like to offer your visitors:~ a FREE inspirational magnet($4.00 value)AND~a handmade card with EVERY purchase. Either from my etsy store or from my website http://www.prairiegirlboutique.com. Just tell me that "Moondogtreasures" sent you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New listing

New mala bracelet at moondogtreasures today!
This mala bracelet has just about every color of the rainbow in it!! A Japa mala, or mala, is a set of prayer beads popular in India and Tibet, commonly made from 108 beads. It is used to keep count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra.
This mala bracelet has 27 unique beads featuring such stones as magnasite turquoise, rose quartz, turquoise, purple jade, fossil jasper, blue coral, and lucky jasper. Bracelet has one larger deep blue glass bead. The beads are strung on clear strong elastic cord which is double-knotted at the end.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

From my shop

From moondog treasures: my cross for Valentine's Day:

shining garnet, red african wood beads, and glass and silver beads and findings are wire-wrapped around a large antique-brass cross charm. a tiny silver-plate heart charm graces the center of the piece. the charm dangles on a black velvet cord with lobster clasp and adjustable chain closure.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Week

Giftbearer is my artist of the week. I love the tribal influences in her work. This leather bracelet of hers caught my eye.
A message from the artist:
"I approach each piece as a living being with a soul. If I can convey this essence to the viewer and have it speak to them on a deeper level then I have done what I've set out to do. I want my work to be more than merely an accessory, but something treasured with special meaning to the buyer, not necessarily in words, but in the same way you know it when it's true love."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

From moondogtreasures

Here's the latest wire-wrapped beaded cross from my store:

beads include white jasper, freshwater pearl, and silver and glass beads. in the midst of all the beads is the focal point: a unique silver-toned winged charm. the cross dangles on a black braided cord with silver lobster clasp closure.
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