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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Etsy Artist of the Week

This week's artist is FeltLikeStitchin. I just couldn't resist - A Picasso Mr. Potato Head!!! I love this! Check out the store by clicking on the picture below. Lots more fun felt items where this came from. I also love her bunny rabbits.
From the artist:
Here's how my Mr Potato Head usually looked!This is based on my favourite toy when I was a kid (back in the days when we used real potatoes!)Pablo is a totally wonky member from the Vegi branch of the DiDi Doll family tree. He is hand stitched from beige felt with appliqued, padded features. His ears are stitched to the sides of his head, and he has big felt feet (he can't stand up on his own but he leans pretty well!) His little felt hat perches on his lumpy head. Just like when I was young, I've plonked all his features randomly around the potato - it's much more fun than a sensible face!


Moondog said...

Congrats for making the blog! Your store is precious!!

ThePeachTree said...

Hehehe :) I can't stop looking at him!

FeltLikeStitchin said...

Thanks for featuring me moondog! I love your blog:)