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Thursday, October 9, 2008

California Part V: Shiva Rea

Oh yeah, my reason for traveling to CA - more yoga teacher training w/ Shiva Rea. This time it was for the pre and post-natal training.
I braved the LA traffic on the first morning to be able to take a class w/ this wonderful yogi, Erich Shiffman. When I asked for this photo, this is how he responded. What a teddy bear. Definitely worth the traffic!
Shiva organized a celebration of Navrati, complete w/ this Lantra mandala, which took all day to create and was destroyed that night after the celebration. It is symbolic of the creative and destructive nature of mankind and how the pain in our lives gives way to divine creation.
The almost-completed Lantra.
Some wonderful friends I met along the way. Post-celebration, sporting our bindis and peaceful smiles.

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laura said...

Just found you via the Etsy forum and I was going to post a comment about how nice it is you do shop profiles...but then I saw this amazing post. It looks like the kind of day I'd really enjoy!