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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Etsy Artist of the Week

This week's Etsy Artist of the Week is Aspen Spa. I love the name of this store. Living in Texas (with very little snow), it would be nice to be in Aspen right now!! I think the store has a beautiful display of its soaps and scrubs. Visit Aspen Spa at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5196157
From the owner:

Hello, and welcome to Aspen Spa! I am so glad that you could stop in. I hope you found something *just right* to pamper your much-deserving self! I'm a high school science teacher by day, and a creator by night! I love the outdoors, and draw my inspiration from nature. I've had many creative outlets over the years, including painting, drawing, sculpting, jewelry, cooking, dance, and currently, teaching. I love to take classes, learn new things, and to be as much of a student as I am a teacher.

I use only the most natural, whole ingredients whenever possible. All ingredients are listed in my item descriptions. These are made-to-order products, prepared in small quantities, in order to bring you the freshest, most pure product possible.


Moondog said...

Congrats on winning this week's contest! Love your products!!

Clauditachin said...

Hi I love that blog