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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Etsy Artist of the Week

This week's Etsy Artist is mizusugi. I chose this piece because it's so festive for the season. I admire mizusugi's work! Here is how this ornament was made:

This ornament is made with 5 yards of patterned ribbons, 5/8 inch in width (1.6 cm). The ribbon was first cut into 30 strips and then folded into small individual units. The last step is to stitch them together by hand.

To see more items from mizusugi, click on the picture above or this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5297336

Here is more info from mizusugi:

The story of my ribbon balls goes way back to the old China, when a rich family wants to find a good husband for their girl, they would either ask a matchmaker to help out or have a "Ball Tossing" party. On the special day, the girl would stand on the balcony of her house and toss her handmade ribbon ball, decorated with her embroidery, to the crowd below. Of course, she knew who was her Mr. Right and the friends of hers would ensure Mr. Right caught her ball. The ribbon ball in the story is as big as a volleyball. Fear not. I made mine small so you can hang them in your car or trees. Every ball is different from each other and it takes about two to three days to complete just one.

I love making ball ornaments. I learned to sew the ball ornaments when I was 10, using drink straws. Now I make them with ribbons as well.Each ball ornament is composed of thirty units. I use either ribbons or plastic strips to fold the single unit first, and then stitch them together by hand. The ornament is not just great for holidays, but any special occasions during the year. For the past years, I have given these ball ornaments to my friends as gifts. Now I am making them for you and your friends.


Moondog said...

Congrats, mizusugi!! Your store is just beautiful!!

Lineberry said...

Wow. That's amazing work!

Field Notes said...

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful ribbon origami. Terrific looking craftsmanship too!