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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Week

BeachHouseBlues is this week's Etsy artist. One of my favorite books is Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. This photo of the Nautilus reminds me of one of the chapters in that book about how we are all multi-faceted beings shedding our various layers as the creature inside the nautilus does when it grows too big for its shell. I'm fortunate to be able to revisit the coast of California soon for more yoga teacher training. I'm looking forward to experiencing a connection with the ocean.

From the artist:
Beach House Blues represents a state of mind. Quite simply it’s about beauty and nature and how they impact our lives in both simple and extraordinary ways. Beach House Blues is about a life full of great friends, wonderful conversation and dinner parties that last throughout the night. It’s about remembering those special moments in our lives that we wish would go on forever and creating a space where new memories will be made. It’s about surrounding ourselves with things that we love.
Archival photograph of a nautilus shell printed on a beautiful fiber paper. Black background. The image is 4 x 4, the print is 6 x 6.


Creategirl said...

Great Post! I know Betsey and she is an incredibly gifted photographer. She has a way of capturing an image so when you look at it again you are flooded with memories. Her flower print selection is perfect for gift giving! I am so glad you have highlighted her work

Moondog said...

Congrats on being my etsy artist of the week. I really love your photos.