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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Etsy Artist of the Week

This week we have ColoradoCatNipToys. What a cute idea!! A blanket and a toy! Click on the image below to visit the entire store.

A word from the artist:

Your cat will enjoy his afternoon nap on this one of a kind black and white kitty quilt. A Colorado Catnip Toy is attached to the quilt so your kitty can do some kick boxing before settling for that power nap on his new bed. Ragged edge kitty quilts measure approximately 21x21 inches and are machine washable. Each quilt square is lined with quilt batting for extra fluffiness. Each blanket is made from 100 percent cotton fabric.

If you love your cats as much as I do mine, you have found the best place on earth for catnip toys, mats and quilts! Each item is handmade with love and the help of six kitties. All but one of my "kids" were orphans. I raised one from a kitten, and the others I have acquired for one reason or another. I have had cats all my life.


saffron said...

That's cute! I love the kittie fabric used. I'm a cat freak too, and have had at least one constantly my whole life. One I have now I had to bottle feed when my sister found her orphaned. She's the best cat because of it!

Aimee Dars said...

Great feature!

jenscloset said...

Just wanted to say hi! You were on the etsy thread regarding blogs-I'm just now checking everyone's out..love yours!